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Check in is 4:00-6:00 P.M. Must be 18+ years of age to compete. This is a heads up racing sigle elimination competition. No entry fee to enter the competition, just have to pay admission into the fair. $1500 prize purse is broken down over 8 spots. First 50 entries will compete. The racing course is over 2 shallow angle jumps and 2 sweeping turns. This is a very small arena. End to end of the racing course is about 200 feet by 100 feet wide. 


The parking area is also general overflow parking, so make sure you stuff is secured. Lone Entertainment and Polk County Fair are not responsible for loss of or damage to your property. There is no hot pit area and a 5 MPH speed limit will be enforced at all times outside of green light racing. Any HOT RODDING ouside green light racing will diqualify the competitor. If you crash and due faciliy damage you can be held responsible for repairs! NO PASSENGERS!


Requiremnts: Seatbelts, Helmet, Neckbrace, Roll Cage(factory is accepted), must have a number on your vehicle(we have shoe polish if not).

A Full list of rules and entry forms will be at the registration table.

No Alcohol/drugs before, or during the event. If you are caught drinking you will be disqualified from the comptition. This includes marijuana...

2018 NW Extreme Truck Challenge

Cancelled for 2018 returning in 2019

Thank you for your support of the NW Extreme Truck Challenge. Due to uncontrollable circumstances we will have to cancel the event for 2018 and come back strong for 2019. Any raffle ticket holders for 2018 please contact us threw this website. Tickets will be honored for 2019 event. 

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